Our Privacy Policy.

SR Tutorials considers the security and protection of your personal data and information important. Therefore, SR Tutorials operates its website in compliance with applicable laws on data privacy protection and data security. Below, we provide information on the types of data we collect through SR Tutorials websites, the purpose we use such data, and parties with which we share such data, where applicable.

Collected Data and Purpose of Processing

We only collect personal data (e.g. Names, Country, Location, Telephone/ Mobile, Email ID, etc.) with regard to operating our website only when you voluntarily provided this data to us (e.g. through registration, contact inquiries, surveys, etc.) and we are entitled to use or process such data by virtue of permission granted by you on the basis of statutory provision.

As a general rule, we only use such data exclusively for the purpose for which the data was disclosed to us by you, such as to answer your inquiries, grant you access, process your orders, etc.

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Data Sharing

For the purpose indicated above, insofar, as you have provided your consent, or when we are legally entitled to do so, we will share your personal data with the subsidiaries of SR Tutorials, wherever required. Data is shared only in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. We do not sell or otherwise market your personal data to third parties.

Questions, Comments and Amendments

SR Tutorials will respond to all the legitimate requests for information, and wherever applicable to correct, amend or delete your personal data. If you wish to make such a request or if you have questions or comments about this Data Privacy Policy, please click on “Contact Us” and feel free to share. This Data Privacy policy is updated on a regular basis. You will find the date of the last update on this page.