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Dream Zone is one of the Top Fashion Designing Institute's in Kanpur.

Humans are always pleased by what catches their attention and have high appeal. The same applies to clothes and apparel. We all are predisposed to wearing and flaunting our dresses amidst our friends and families. But some of us have a flaming passion for stitching and designing apparel which in turn becomes one of the hottest jobs in the world; we are talking about Fashion Designing.


Are you considering a career shift into fashion design? if yes, you've landed at the perfect place that has borne some of the most successful fashion designers. Dreamzone helps you get on the bandwagon of fashion trends and enables you to sharpen up your design skills with unprecedented efficiency.Our Masters diploma in Fashion designing will help you create great costumes and designs more reflectively, resourcefully, and responsibly through our expert techniques. Dreamzone offers a professionally oriented course that provides essential training and technical skills required to build a competitive portfolio and walk on a new career path. This course is best suited to students who have prior experience in fashion design and have the knack for designing dresses and apparel.

This holistic fashion designing degree program will immerse you into arts and critical fashion theories that expand further into the wider world of liberal arts and sophisticated designs.
  • Our students are already working as fashion designers for reputable fashion chains and brands
  • Get access to the international fashion frontier
  • Work for prestigious institutions or start your own fashion product chain
  • Learn to aesthetically pleasing designs and clothing
  • Start working Fashion consultants
  • Course at par with any other university or school on fashion designing.
This course is further split into:
  • Dressmaking tutorials and workshops
  • Execution of a design into a garment
  • Technical clothing design and planning skills
  • Advanced techniques in Apparel Pattern Making
  • Articulation and experimentation for broadening your skillset.

At Dreamzone, we follow a unique interdisciplinary and international approach to fashion for fueling your artistic exploration. You will not only take away an internationally recognized degree from us but you will also be trained enough to become an innovative and progressive world-class designer.

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